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Transformation Program!

8 Weeks to feel fitter, healthier, happier and more confident!

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Results Based Training

We tailor each workout to your individual level to ensure you get the most out of each session. Our program is specifically designed to make exercising something that gets you results AND you enjoy!

Support & Accountability

Results can be hard to come by on your own. We work with you on a one to one level to ensure you hit your goals! We will be supporting you every step of the way and together we will make sure you feel amazing!

Tailored Nutrition Planning

We will teach you our simplified nutrition plan which will mean you can get amazing results with your fitness goals whilst still enjoying the foods you like! (Yes, it is possible!)

Friendly & Supportive Community

Starting a fitness plan can be scary, but with our amazing community of members you will find it so easy to get started! Training with like-minded, friendly and motivated people makes it SO much easier to reach your goals!

Our Program is for you if you want to...

  • Feel your most happiest, confident self in 2024!

  • Feel better in your clothes!

  • Increase energy levels!

  • Tone up, Burn Fat and reduce cellulite!

  • Get stronger, fitter and healthier!



Lost over 30kg!

I didn't like the gym before I started training with Protofit. I've had personal trainers before and I always tried to find excuses not to go. ProtoFit is different, the guys are so encouraging. I go at least 3 times a week to a session and I try to sneak in a few extra sessions as well because I LOVE IT! I'm fitter and stronger as a result and have had loads of compliments from friends and people at work about losing weight!! Can't recommend them enough.


Lost 21kg, Built Tone & Definition

Joining ProtoFit has been amazing, It's been a game changer! I lost 18kg in my first 3 months and I have muscles in places I never thought I would have them!


Lost 8kg & improved confidence

ProtoFit are amazing. The workouts are great and the support they offer you is second to none. I’ve seen a huge difference in my weight and shape and ultimately, my self esteem. Highly recommend them. Thank you for everything.


Lost over 18kg, built Strength & Tone!

I started training with the ProtoFit Team at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020 and so far I’ve lost 18.6kg (2.8 stone). The sessions are fun, effective and convenient. The team are also motivating and engaged throughout the sessions which happen throughout the week at varying times. I literally cannot be more pleased with the overall ProtoFit experience!!!.


Lost 1 stone, built Strength & Fitness!

ProtoFit is the best gym experience I have ever had.Rob, Julian and Kadeem are the guys you love to hate because they push you to your absolute limit and share your achievements with you. Ready for my wedding next month!!!


Lost 5kg, Built Tone & Definition!

Cannot recommend the Protofit team enough. Since training with them, I've had the best results. They are supportive, with both training and nutrition, and make sure each workout is challenging but enjoyable.

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